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Nov 6, 2012 6:00am PST
get in front of cbs 5, then we like the cbs news and cnn apps both outstanding in terms of following results and getting them realtime. and the last one that's interesting is called settle it. it's an app that will let you figure out what the candidates really did and stood for and what their decisions were in their recent political history. they are all of us say i did this and that. you never know which is true. this may settle those bar bets. no did he this or that when he was in college or what have you. >> it's a factfinding of sorts about the backgrounds of the candidates. >> are there more apps? >> reporter: there are dozens. there are so many out there, but we like these because they are free. they work really well and they are available on the major platforms. >> all right. brian cooley, thank you very much. for more go to >>> we are going to take a live look out in wisconsin where paul ryan is putting his vote in. we did see mitt romney earlier in belmont, massachusetts. but, of course, this is the vice-presidential candidate putting his vote i
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
gaza city. >>> explosions interrupted live reports on american tv. >> whoa! >> that is cnn's anderson cooper ducking after a blast in gaza city. he kept reporting on the action during that live broadcast. >>> 6:38 now. nurses are striking for a second day at attesterrer hospitals here in the bay area. the walkout involves 33 hutch nurses ata sutter spokesman says pay hikes would hurt the company. replacement nurses are keeping the hospitals open. >>> a one-day strike against the port of oakland. mayor quan helped the contracts get going again. negotiations had broken down last spring with disagreements over pay and benefits and retirement contributions. yesterday, the picket lines stopped activity at the port but it's operating again this morning. workers will be dealing with all that cargo that was not moved yesterday. a busy day. >>> and in fremont, some high quality surveillance equipment caught a holiday thief in action. the homeowner believes the woman had been following u.p.s. trucks on meyer park circle before she is seen stealing a package and food donations. he hopes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2